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Route Pattern Config – 7-digit and 10-digit dialing

Posted by Chris on June 17, 2009

In large metro areas, telco providers have eliminated 7-digit dialing from their dial plans.  That’s nice because it simplifies the route pattern config in CUCM.

If you’re lucky, (like me) and your telco still allows 7-digit dialing, you’ll need to make some modifications to the dial plan.  Otherwise, when a user places a 7-digit call, they’ll find themselves waiting for the inter-digit timeout to expire.  (if they even wait that long before calling the help desk)

So, my basic route patterns looked like this. (minus the 911 patterns and patterns added to prevent toll fraud)  It works, but if you make a 7-digit call, you wait for the inter-digit timeout to expire before the call is connected.


All 10-digit calls using our provider have to be prefixed with the area code (479), otherwise, it’s a long distance call. Using that information, I made a couple of changes to the route patterns.


The addition of a 7-digit pattern allows CUCM to match that pattern and immediately connect the call.
Modifying the 10-digit pattern with the area code provides a quick pattern match for 10-digit calls.
The 11-digit long distance pattern remained unchanged.


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